Surf Trendreport: Technological trends that span education and ICT, SURF, November 2016

An worthwhile insight is given in this report of the possible  consequences for higher education of the main developments in ICT. 13 trends in higher education are formulated. The common theme of the report is described by the authors as:

“This trend report describes thirteen technological trends that have a clear, three-pronged common theme.” The trends are numbered  1-13. In the report the 13 separate trends are described clearly into more details.. Read More →

Nog steeds vallen er veel MBO-instromers onnodig uit in het HBO. De overstap naar het HBO is groot. Er wordt veel meer zelfstandigheid van hen verwacht, het tempo ligt hoger en hun studievaardigheden zijn niet altijd op niveau.  Maar dat hoeft niet te betekenen dat zij het HBO-niveau niet aankunnen! Studiedag donderdag 26 januari 2017- Utrecht, van 9.30 – 15.30 uur.

Hoe kunnen MBO-studenten beter worden voorbereid op het HBO? Wat kunt u voor de poort doen? En op welke manier helpt u hen wanneer zij aan de studie begonnen zijn? Kortom: hoe begeleidt u uw MBO-instroom naar studiesucces? Read More →

Jessica Shipman Gunson, Elizabeth Abery, Lindsay Krassnitzer, Christopher Barton, Ivanka Prichard, from Flinders University, Adelhyde, Australia describe in their article in Student Success the value of implementing a program specific teaching support project for staff wellbeing and student success. Below some parts of the article are presented. The complete article Gunson, J., Abery,E.,  Krassnitzer,L., Barton,C. , Prichard, & Willes, E. (2016). Teaching in Focus: The value of implementing a program specific teaching support project for staff wellbeing and student success. Student Success, 7(2), 51-57. doi: 10.5204/ssj.v7i2.341. Read More →

Meltem Huri Baturay, “Turan Güneş Bulvarı 648. Cadde İpek University Campus, Ankara, 06550, Turkey”

He gives in his article a short and clear description of the MOOCs in higher education:

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are one of the most prominent trends in higher education in recent years. The term ‘MOOCs’ represents open access, global, free, video-based instructional content, videos, problem sets and forums released through an online platform to high volume participants aiming to take a course or to be educated. With time and place flexibility, MOOCs gathers scholars and ‘like-minded fellow learners around the globe’.

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Overgenomen van de website drs. P. van Eijl and prof. dr. A. Pilot

1. What we mean by talented students? 
All students have a talent for something. We focus on this page on talent development in special programmes in higher education, mostly called “honours programmes”. Do these students learn to perform more difficult tasks, solve complicated sums or analyse difficult texts?  Are these students now only get an A+? No! When we talk about talented students, we focus at the qualities of a student that can be further developed and can lead to exceptional results and outstanding performance. These qualities  can relate to many domains. In education, students can achieve good results in a particular domain, both in practical terms ( “they have golden hands”) and in theoretical subjects (“brains”). For example, they can learn to work very systematically or learn to recognize and use their creative potential, and also, to communicate clearly or they learn to cooperate well together. Sometimes students (in an honours programme) discover the importance of taking the initiative and seizing opportunities.
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Overgenomen van de website van SURF 21 november 2016
SURFconext Sterke Authenticatie: Avans Hogeschool Avans Hogeschool gebruikt de online toetsapplicatie Remindo. Om het risico op fraude zo klein mogelijk te maken, is gekozen voor een extra veiligheidscheck met SURFconext Sterke Authenticatie. De ervaringen van Avans Hogeschool zijn positief. Lees ze in deze best practice. Read More →